Trainee funding 2023

Receive funding of up to 1000 euros per trainee: The KUZ offers two seminars as part of the "AusbildungPlus" support program.

The KUZ is offering two seminars in the 2023 training year as part of the "AusbildungPlus" support program of the Chemical Industry Support Association (UCI): Apprentices are to receive learning support through these seminars to compensate for more difficult starting opportunities as a result of the Corona pandemic. The seminar "Injection Molding Intensive", which accompanies the apprenticeship, and the exam preparation seminar "Injection Molding for Apprentices" are sponsored by the UCI.

Expert knowledge: Injection molding (20. - 31.03.2023)

Injection molding for traINEES (22. - 24.05.2023)

Who is supported?

Apprentices with a justified need for support who are employed in chemical companies (SMEs) and are taking their final exams in 2022 or 2023. They receive support in preparing for the exam. In addition, support is provided to apprentices who will be hired on September 1, 2022 or 2023 and require learning support in their first year of training.

How do I apply?

Apprentices and companies submit an application to the UCI consisting of the application form and a copy of the apprenticeship contract. Companies select one of four predefined justifications for the measure within the application form. The UCI checks the application with regard to the eligibility conditions. If these are fulfilled, the company receives a funding decision with the promise of funding. From this point on, the company can apply for a training measure on its own account with an external training service provider. The company pays for the measure in advance and submits the relevant receipts for successful completion to the UCI. These are then checked and costs are reimbursed up to a maximum of 1000 euros per trainee.

More information on funding

TrainingPlus flyer (only in german)

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