Customizing plastics


The speed at which new trends lead to changing customer requirements and new products and innovations is constantly increasing. New developments of corresponding materials are expensive and not always necessary. In order to remain flexible and to be able to react actively to changing requirements, the modification of existing plastics with appropriate additives is an option.

The customized compounds produced by twin-screw extrusion are evaluated and optimized with regard to rheological, mechanical and processing changes until the plastic fits. In addition to plastic modification, we are also intensively pursuing the development of novel, sustainable materials. The focus here is on the generation of bio-based plastics and the processing and property optimization of recycled materials. The interaction with the process design of subsequent manufacturing processes is important here. With its wide range of expertise and equipment, the KUZ can cover all eventualities in practice and thus tailor the material to the optimum in the process and in the product.

Our  compounding services in detail

Twin-screw extrusion:

  • Filling, reinforcement, additivation,
  • chemical modification (reactive extrusion),
  • blending of plastics as well as
  • Re-, upcycling of used plastics (regranulate, regenerate etc.)
  • Physical, chemical modification of natural materials
  • Processing of bio-based plastics

Flow behavior of compounds:

  • Practical determination of rheological data using
    • Torque rheometer
    • Extrusion rheometer (round, slotted capillary nozzle)
  • Standardized determination of rheological parameters in the test laboratory
    • MVR/MFR value
    • Melt rheology with the plate-plate rheometer (in rotation/oscillation)

Film tape extrusion:

  • Laboratory extruder with
    • Wide slot die as well as
    • Three-roll haul-off

Our machine equipment at a glance

Twin-screw extruder

ZE25A-UTXi with 47D

KraussMaffei Berstorff

2 x gravimetric feeders for polymer components



Gravimetric feeder for fillers, reinforcing materials



Liquid dosing including preheating station for higher viscosity fluids



Hot die face pelletizer / underwater, air pelletizer



Cold cut granulator / strand granulator, cold granulator / water bath

Primo 60E


Extrusion Rheometer

Rheomex 19/10 OS

ThermoFisher Scientific

Torque rheometer

Rheomix OS

ThermoFisher Scientific

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