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Specimen fabrication

You want to test a material, however, you don't have the right specimens? We can help you!

By means of injection molding, we manufacture all common test specimen consisting of standard plastics, thermoplastic elastomers, and high-performance materials. A selection of possible test specimens is shown in our Specimen catalog (pdf).

In addition, a large variety of different test specimens can be produced at the KUZ from plates, molded parts or semi-finished products by means of punching, milling and cutting. When taking specimens from plates, possible anisotropy must be taken into account. This is caused by melt flow orientations during manufacturing and the orientation of fibers in the plate. Therefore, please inform us of the desired removal direction when making your inquiry.

Below you will find an overview of which test specimens can be manufactured at the KUZ.

Catalog of test specimens (pdf)

The specimen you are looking for is not listed? No problem!
We can manufacture special test specimens according to your specifications.

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Injection molding (selection)

  • Tensile test bar ISO type 1A
  • Rectangular bar ISO type B
  • Small tensile bar ISO type 4
  • Test rod ASTM D2565
  • Test rod ASTM D6386
  • Test rod ASTM D6110
  • Test rod UL94
  • Test plates various geometries
  • 2K test specimen
  • Micro test specimen

Machining (selection)




Tension rod

Type 1A / 1B / 1 BA / 5A


Tension rod Impact tension

Type 1 / 3 / 4


Test bar (e.g. HDT / bending / Charpy / Izod / compression)80 x 10 x thicknessDIN EN ISO 75 / DIN EN ISO 178 / DIN EN ISO 179 / DIN EN ISO 180 / DIN EN ISO 604

Test bar (Removal from moldings)

50 x 6 x thickness

div. automotive standards

Tension rod foam materials

Type 1


Tension rod plastic surfaces

Tension rod

DIN EN 12230

Strip specimen tear resistance

Strip test specimen

DIN ISO 34-1

Shoulder bar

Type 1 / S1 Type 2 / S2 Type 3 / S3A

ISO 37 / DIN 53504

V-notch (Charpy/Izod)

Type A & B

DIN EN ISO 179/180

U-notch (Dynstat)


Automotive standards / DIN 53435

Plate pressing

It is also possible to produce plates by pressing thermoplastic material. The plate dimensions can be freely selected in the range from 100 mm x 100 mm to 360 mm x 360 mm and a thickness of 1 mm to 10 mm.

In the PUR range, plates with dimensions of 335 mm x 260 mm up to a maximum thickness of 20 mm can be produced.

Catalog of test specimens (pdf)

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