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Chemistry Teacher Training

"Plastics - Material of the 21st Century " - in an introductory lecture, participants will dive into the world of plastics and learn what distinguishes it as a modern material. Other focal points of the lecture will be the recycling of plastics and polyurethane - until now only known in its use as foam. Processing methods such as injection molding will be demonstrated on site during an informative guided tour.

In addition, the participants will be presented with school-relevant experiments that match the theoretical focus of the lectures, which they can then try out for themselves. For example, an edible foam is produced using everyday utensils or plastic samples are analyzed using a professional selection scheme.

Cooperation with the Chemistry Teacher Training Center Leipzig-Jena

Together with the Chemistry Teacher Training Center Leipzig-Jena we offer this advanced training for chemistry teachers at grammar schools, secondary schools, high schools, regular schools and vocational schools.

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