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Quality assurance

Quality assurance in injection molding concerns the complex processes in their entirety. It includes the material characteristics during incoming goods inspection, ensuring the functionality of the existing technology through cyclical machine calibration, metrological process monitoring, process-related quality control as well as the qualification of the employees.

Take advantage of our support for your quality assurance

We offer the following services for this purpose:

  • Testing services, such as material characterization with regard to homogeneity of the starting material, flowability and moisture content using classical laboratory methods and targeted online measurements
  • Support in the integration of measurement technology in the mold with the aim of process monitoring
  • Ensuring the safe operation of injection molding machines through regular testing in compliance with technical specifications in accordance with the VDMA 24470-1 guideline ("Machines for Processing Plastics and Rubber - Proof of Capability for Injection Molding Machines")
  • Advice on fault avoidance instead of fault elimination by checking quality-determining parameters
  • Development of software solutions for process monitoring and quality prediction
  • Development of process-related test methods
  • Employee qualification

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