Intelligent lightweight construction to conserve resources

Lightweight solutions

In order to efficiently support you with the complex requirements of lightweight construction along the entire value chain, the consulting team is made up of employees from the areas of sustainability and recycling, mold design, injection molding simulation and calculation, processing technology, and materials testing. We offer you detailed consulting options on the main topics related to lightweight construction with plastics.

  • Material valuation
    • Material selection with regard to suitable material pairings including the development of new combinations
    • Additive selection to optimize the foam structure of your lightweight components
    • Adhesion testing to evaluate material compatibility of material pairings by manufacturing 2K test specimens
    • Evaluation of rheological compatibility of material pairings by means of injection molding rheometer
    • Examination of foam structures by means of non-destructive analysis using computer tomographic scans
    • Production of special foam test specimens to determine material properties relevant to lightweight construction
  • Injection molding simulation and calculation
    • Testing and improvement of the molded part design with the aim of stable manufacturing processes
    • Assessment of susceptibility to failure as well as possible risks during production
    • Optimization of manufacturing and downstream processes
    • Effective variant evaluation in molding/mold design with minimal raw material and energy input
    • Time advantage through fast and efficient development implementation
  • Tool design
    • Support in the design and construction of lightweight components in both 1K and 2K sandwich construction with foam core
    • Compliance with dimensional accuracy and quality improvement of foamed lightweight components
    • Design and construction of foamed bio-based lightweight components
  • Processing technology
    • Samples of lightweight components in both 1K and 2K sandwich construction with foam core
    • Samples of foamed biobased lightweight components
    • Processing of compact or foamed recycled materials
    • Functional integration of lightweight components
  • Postprocessing
    • Advice on the weldability of lightweight components
    • Design of geometries suitable for welding
  • Sustainability and recycling
    • Material and cost savings for lightweight components subject to bending loads
    • Increasing the sustainability of your product portfolio through lightweight construction
    • Verification options through sustainability assessments

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