Along the value chain


Accelerate your product development and manufacturing processes. We accompany you through all development phases, starting with the idea generation up to the finished serial product and the corresponding manufacturing technology. We attach great importance to an uncomplicated and goal-oriented approach. With our available CAE services, your development process will be streamlined in terms of time, as well as efficient and sustainable.

Werkstoffentwicklung und -modifizierung von Kunststoffen - Compoundierung und Granulierung

sustainable ideas in plastic

Materials development

The speed at which new materials come onto the market to adapt to trends and customer requirements is constantly increasing. We are intensively pursuing the development of novel, sustainable materials. The focus here is on generating bioplastics based on natural materials and on processing and optimizing the properties of recycled materials.

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Formteil VaTempa in den Phasen der Formteilentwicklung - vom CAD-Modell zum Formteil

Ideas put into plastics

Molding development

You have the idea? We convert it into a design suitable for plastics or support you in doing so. Synergies between our designers and our engineers from processing technology and material development are utilized. In this way, interdisciplinary know-how flows into the development of application-ready, high-quality plastic products, which we develop together with you.

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3D-CAD Werkzeugkonstruktion - Gipris-Gehäuse - KUZ

Give your ideas the right shape

Tool development

Do you want your plastic design for injection molding to be reproducible and produced in high quality in series? Then you need an injection molding tool that reliably fulfills all requirements from molding and technological process control. We support you in the conception and design of the tool through 3D design to tool construction.

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Füllstufen der Formfüllsimulation des Gipris-Gehäuses - KUZ

Development services right from the start


Minimal development times with consistently high product quality require the increased use of modern simulation methods in many areas of design. This applies in particular to the molded part and mold design of injection molded components. The use of modern digital development environments from the very beginning makes your development process sustainable and avoids unnecessary cost-intensive iteration loops. We support you in this.

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realisierte Einzelprozesse (Spritzguss im Reinraum, Handling, Prüfung und Magazinieren) im Mikrospritzguss

Plastic efficiently molded into the product

Process development

Molded part design and application requirements for the molded part are defined. Depending on the batch sizes, we support you in finding the appropriate manufacturing process. Using the synergies between our designers and engineers from processing and joining technology and material development, we help you with process and technology development. We explore the possibilities of process combinations in interaction with hybrid material systems and create the basis for your project-related decision.

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Handlingautomation an einer Mikrospritzgiessmaschine im KUZ

Automation solutions for plastics processing

Process automation

Do you want to fully or partially automate your process chain in the field of plastics processing? With our extensive know-how in the development and project planning of test rigs and automation systems, we are happy to support you. Our working method is particularly characterized by interdisciplinary process knowledge and the close interlocking of process engineering and process automation.

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KI-Versuchsstand im KUZ zur Datenermittlung im Spritzguss

intelligent solutions for plastics processing

Machine Learning & AI

Are you looking for a reliable partner to help you harness the potential of artificial intelligence and digitization for your developments in the field of plastics technology? As an application-oriented research institute, we see ourselves as a link between the plastics processing industry and the latest developments in the fields of digitization and machine learning. With our fully automated and networked test rigs, we can generate extensive process data for your solution and perform exploratory analyses.

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