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DVS courses and welder exam

DVS - these three letters stand for"Deutscher Verband für Schweißen und verwandte Verfahren e.V." They also stand for high-quality training in joining technology.

Our training courses

We provide training and continuing education in the areas of plastics welding, adhesive bonding and fiber composites in accordance with DVS guidelines. The training is carried out according to DVS guidelines. We offer basic courses as well as extension courses - if desired also with preparatory training. The KUZ is a recognized and approved educational institution of the DVS. The recognized qualifications according to DVS or EN guidelines are used wherever tested and certified specialists in plastic welding or bonding are required.

Welder examination

For plastic joints in the craft sector, you need an approval test in accordance with DVS guidelines. Here, the knowledge and skills of specialists in plastics welding are tested. The KUZ as a DVS testing center supports you in selecting the required initial or repeat test. You want all information at a glance? Then take a look at our current booklet Welding, Bonding, Laminating - Courses and Examinations 2023.

Quality assurance and damage assessment

In addition, we offer the following services: Assessment of plastic welds according to DVS Guideline 2202-1, determination of the type and extent of welding defects according to both external and internal findings, determination of mechanical-technological quality values of welded and bonded joints, assessment of damage to plastic welded, plastic bonded and composite structures and clarification of the cause of damage.

Courses and exams

DVS 2281: Course welding PG I

Training course and examinations in selected subgroups according to DVS 2212-1, test group I (hot-gas fan welding, hot-gas draw welding, heated-tool butt welding, heated-tool socket welding, heated coil welding)

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DVS 2282: Course welding PG II

Training course and examination in selected subgroups according to DVS 2212-1, test group II (hot gas extrusion welding)

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Processing of semi-finished products from thermoplastics

DVS 2280: Basic course

Course and examinations according to DVS

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DVS 2291: Adhesive bonding training course

Training course and tests according to DVS 2221 - Pipe/sleeve joints made of PVC-U, PVC-C and ABS with solvent adhesives

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DVS 2290: Laminator training course

Training course and tests according to DVS 2220 - Laminates as well as laminate and adhesive joints made of GFRP (UP-GF and EP-GF)

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