Strategic direction

In the second quarter of 2021, the employees of the KUZ, together with the management, took a self-critical look at their own orientation and discussed the challenges of the future. As before, the KUZ stands for practice-oriented industrial research in plastics technology. Everyone quickly agreed: "The challenges of our customers are impulses for our developments".


That's what we are:

  • We act as a comprehensive development partner and offer our broad expertise as a service in a customer-oriented manner. The challenges of our customers are impulses for our developments.
  • We develop innovative solutions for plastics applications and their industrial implementation flexibly, quickly and for all industries.
  • We design our own work processes sustainably (ecologically, economically, socially) with a focus on our employees and their competence.
  • We form active and cross-functional networks with national and international partners to meet the challenges of future plastics applications.
  • A special focus is on the effectiveness of our innovations in the region.
  • The qualification of specialist personnel and the promotion of young talent are key elements of our technology transfer.


From the optimal material with offers for material selection, modification and characterization, to the understanding of the application in component design, simulation and construction, we provide the process solutions in process design to tool design, adaptation of machine components and intelligent process controls. The strengths of the KUZ lie in injection molding, PUR processing and joining technology.

A thematic focus for the future has emerged in the strategy process. "In the future, we will focus much more on intelligent, resource-saving processes as the basis for sustainable products." This is our important contribution to the acceptance of plastics innovations in society. Here, too, we are already in the midst of implementation with the development of competence for process evaluation with regard to all important aspects of sustainability - "because only what we can describe quantitatively can we develop positively in a targeted manner!".

We are a service provider for plastics applications in all industries. In the future, the focus will be on topics where plastics are required as an interface between application and user. We see these challenges particularly in the automotive sector, but also in a wide range of other mobility solutions of the future, at the interface to electronics and sensor technology and - more topical than ever - in medical technology and the healthcare sector.

Here, too, the KUZ is already very well positioned. Two key motivators for innovation in the above-mentioned sectors are miniaturization and functionalization, which are leading to ever new transfer offers in micro-application technology, multi-component and joining technology. The third motivator of our activities is lightweight construction, in which plastics can demonstrate their particular strengths and enable sustainable mobility solutions. In the future, we will prioritize all activities against the backdrop of positive contributions to resource conservation, the circular economy and the CO2 footprint, because these are the future decision-making bases for innovations in addition to the well-known metrics of cost and quality.

Geschäftsführer des KUZ - Matthias R. Jacob"/>

I help you!

Dr.-Ing. Matthias R. Jacob

General Director