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The Fördergemeinschaft für das Kunststoff-Zentrum in Leipzig e. V. (Support association) was founded in 1991 and is the sole shareholder of Kunststoff-Zentrum in Leipzig gGmbH. Already at the foundation of the sponsoring association 50 companies and institutions were involved.

The purpose of the support association is to promote science and research at the KUZ as a non-profit institute of plastics technology. At the same time, the support association and its members benefit from an interesting and lively exchange within the network. Decisive for success are communication, exchange and cooperation. You too can actively participate in the development of productive and result-oriented network relationships.

Andree Fankhänel
Managing Director support association for the Kunststoff-Zentrum in Leipzig e. V.

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  • Tasks and goals of the support association
    • Promotion of the research activities of the KUZ in the field of plastics technology.
    • Providing technical advice to the KUZ, in particular by assisting in the selection of topics for research and development work
    • Supporting the public relations work of the Kunststoff-Zentrum in Leipzig gGmbH in informing the interested general public
  • Your advantages from a membership
    • Benefit from the synergies of a successful cooperation with a renowned research institution.
    • Take advantage of the technical facilities, the know-how of the employees, the further education infrastructure of the KUZ as well as the individual consulting and cooperation on technical-technological or material-related issues at particularly advantageous conditions
    • Multiply your customer and market contacts by using the KUZ network as a communication platform
  • You will gain special benefits from
    • Preferential involvement in publicly funded research projects
    • Comprehensive and preferential information about research results and new service offers of the KUZ
    • Preferential use of the KUZ's extensive know-how and modern technical equipment to solve your own operational challenges
    • Use of the KUZ's competences for the professional and individual training of your employees
    • Achievement of marketing-technical potentials from provided rental technology at the KUZ
    • Development of cooperative relationships between members of the support association through the use of our network
    • Recommendation of member companies for service requests
    • Organization of own company and customer events or seminars at the attractive location of the KUZ
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The network


Currently, there are more than 80 companies in the network of the support association.

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The support association organizes itself in various committees. Get an overview of the members here.

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Andree Fankhänel

Managing Director Support Association