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Products, technologies and work processes are subject to permanent change. Continuous qualification and training of employees is therefore an essential prerequisite for the success of your company. Further training in the field of plastics and plastics technology are the focal points of our portfolio. We have optimal conditions for the effective training of your employees in theory and practice.

KUZ Unterlagen, Besucherausweis, Kulli

Practical technical knowledge


In our plastics seminars, you will acquire practical expertise on various topics, building on your previous knowledge. In small groups, we enable you to train effectively in our pilot plants and laboratories.

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Professional events with diverse expertise


As a non-profit research institution, we attach great importance to the transfer of knowledge and technology from research to industry. To this end, we regularly offer specialist conferences with different thematic orientations.

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Seminarraum im KUZ für Schulungen der Weiterbildung mit Namensschildern und rotern Ordnern.

Customized training for your company

In-house trainings

In-house training courses enable a high degree of alignment with the actual training needs of your company. You define the target group and the main topics, and together we agree on the content, dates and venue.

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Handwerkliches Schweißen von Kunststoffen - Heizelementschweißen

DVS test center - manual welding

DVS courses and welder exam

We have the expert knowledge and the special equipment for different plastic welding processes. The focus is always on independent advice on the selection of a suitable welding process for your problem.

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Kinder mit Handspritzgießmaschine

Knowledge for young and old

School continuing education

In our continuing education series "School-based Continuing Education", the KUZ offers two continuing education courses for teachers in the areas of elementary, regular, secondary, upper secondary and vocational schools as well as high schools.

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Possible financing support

Financing support

Further training can sometimes come with very high costs. However, you or your company do not always have to bear these costs alone. The federal and state governments support training activities with various grants.

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Head of Continuing Education