Acting sustainably together

Sustainable corporate culture

In 2019, an interdisciplinary sustainability team was formed at the KUZ, which is successively tackling major as well as minor issues to make our day-to-day business and research more sustainable. Here is an insight into implemented measures, which we see as the beginning of a future green development:


Electricity: we purchase green electricity and always achieve reduced energy consumption.
Since 2022: New LED lighting in the injection molding, polyurethane and machine tool shops.

Health through exercise and reduction of CO2 emissions: We offer our employees bicycle leasing.

Conserving natural resources: We have reduced the paper consumption of everyday office activities as well as the amount of printing for training courses.

We raise employee awareness on the topics of sustainability, energy consumption and waste separation.

Sustainability management

Responsible use of material and non-material resources represents an important component of the corporate culture. The lived culture of resource responsibility takes place through the comprehensive sensitization to the topic in order to integrate sustainability early and systematically into the research process. Interdisciplinary networking of researchers triggers sustainable developments in a variety of ways and opens up synergy potential.


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Johannes Tietze

Life cycle assessment