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Process optimization

In the jungle of interactions between a wide variety of technical conditions and physical laws, it is not easy to maintain an overview.

With a trained eye and appropriate measurement technology, we can examine your processes in injection molding and polyurethane processing as well as for plastic welding processes step by step, uncover potential for optimization in terms of quality, cost-effectiveness and sustainability, and avoid wasted costs. Don't be satisfied with your processes running stably! Save your resources and create scope for necessary new acquisitions or the further training of your employees.

Our services for process optimization in detail

Process evaluation and optimization

  • Assessment of material selection, variations
  • Technology optimization for quality and cycle time optimized production
  • Evaluation of tool and machine technology
  • Implementation of machine-friendly, wear-reduced production
  • Realization of sustainable and energy-efficient series production


  • Fault and damage analysis with the help of sample parts
  • Online defect catalog for you free of charge
  • Injection molding guidebook as a tool for process adjustment and defect minimization
  • Ensuring the quality consistency of your processes through on-site inspections


  • Support during initial commissioning of new tools or after tool correction
  • Investigation of the process suitability of your tool after material changes
  • Detection of defects and weak points of the tool
  • Determination of production parameters for the economically optimal operation of the mold
  • Achievement of optimal molded part properties
  • Determination of feasible cycle times

Matching further training

Other services


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