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You have to start with the youngest children in school to impart general knowledge about their own sustainable actions and the responsible use of resources. The growing responsibility for dealing with our resources takes place, among other things, by raising awareness of materials and their recyclability. The Recycling Day at the KUZ was created out of this motivation. The goal is to sensitize and activate students for the topic of sustainability in order to integrate topics such as environmental protection, climate and sustainability even more strongly into everyday life.


How do I behave sustainably? What do I have to do with climatic changes? How do my decisions affect the people in my environment?

KUZ's RecyclingDay is designed to empower students to think and act sustainably. As such, recycling is the focus, as is dealing with plastics in general.

Students in 4th grade can visit the research institute and learn more about plastics and their recycling at three interactive stations. The focus is on waste separation and the reuse of recyclable materials - in a way that is suitable for children and designed as a hands-on project. In the future, there are also plans to rent out the equipment and train teachers so that many elementary schools can experience RecyclingDay. In this way, theoretical curriculum content can be linked with practical, extracurricular learning opportunities.

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