Pioneering processes in plastics technology


Knowing the variety of process technologies for plastic molding, evaluating the individual technologies for the production of a plastic molded part and selecting the appropriate process requires in-depth technological know-how, which you will find in the cross-divisional teams at the KUZ. We focus on optimizing processes and products in terms of their resource and energy efficiency, which are important in the long term for sustainable innovations and the further development of the entire industry.

Supported by our technical centers and the associated technical equipment, we can develop practical solutions for your problems.

Einstellen der Maschinenparameter an einer Spritzgussmaschine

Getting plastic into shape

Injection molding

The ART of shaping the MATERIAL is predominantly realized with the injection molding process. Many innovations in technical parts are based on combinations of many different process variants or newly invented special processes. Common to all of them is the process sequence of preparing a plastic melt, injecting the melt into a closed cavity and cooling the material under mold constraint.

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Mikrospritzguss - Handentnahme eines Mikroformteiles - KUZ

Small Parts - Big Challenges

Microtechnologies of Plastics

The miniaturization of many molded parts and assemblies is progressing unceasingly. The demands on the production processes for micro-molded plastic parts are increasing at the same rate, because small dimensions mean maximum precision and also special handling of the small quantities of material in the process. In microtechnologies of plastics, the focus is on mastering the preparation of the smallest material quantities, reducing the dwell times under temperature load for sensitive materials, keeping the process parameters in multi-cavities constant, resource efficiency and cost savings in the processing of high-performance plastics, and adequate handling of the smallest components in downstream processes.

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Mischkopf einer PUR-Anlage bei Polyurethanverarbeitung

Polyurethane - a plastic with many faces


Whether as flexible, rigid or integral skin foams, as coatings or varnishes - polyurethane systems offer a wide range of applications. The processing methods for polyurethanes are just as diverse as their applications. Here, the spectrum ranges from low-pressure processes for processing casting systems or high-viscosity media to high-pressure processes for producing a wide variety of foams and combinations with other materials in injection molding applications. In the latter, thermoplastic polyurethanes as 1-component or 2-component systems (e.g. in sealing applications) and the process combination of the injection molding process with subsequent flooding of a polyurethane or polyurea system are of particular interest.

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Compoundieranlage Zweischneckenextruder

Customizing plastics


The speed with which new trends lead to changed customer requirements and new products and innovations is constantly increasing. New developments of corresponding materials are expensive and not always necessary. In order to remain flexible and to be able to react actively to changing requirements, the modification of existing plastics with appropriate additives is a good idea.

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Ultraschallschweißen von kunststoffen

The connection is what it makes

Plastic welding

Whether for the production of classic plastic welded joints or hybrid assemblies by riveting or flanging, the joint makes it! We have the expert knowledge of all common plastic welding processes. The focus is always on independent consulting for the selection of a suitable welding process for your problem. We are your competent partner for weldability tests, technology optimization with failure analysis, testing of weld samples with regard to their mechanical and morphological properties as well as the development of new welding technologies.

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Ermittlung mechanischer Kennwerte von Kunststoffen an der Zugprüfmaschine

Fast feedback on products and processes

Test methods

The testing laboratory at the KUZ is an independent materials laboratory for plastics testing. In the context of developments and optimizations, a wide variety of characteristic values are required for the material and processing behavior of plastics, which the test laboratory can provide. Quality, objectivity and loyalty towards our customers are the basis of our activities.

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