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For you, we develop innovative solutions for plastics applications and their industrial implementation in a customized, flexible and fast manner.

We act as a comprehensive development partner and offer our broad expertise as a customer-oriented service. From the first idea to concrete concepts, component and process design, their validation and optimization up to first samples and small series, we can take over the entire development for a partner with the modern equipment of our institute or contribute a customized development module at the right time.

Überprüfung einer Leiterplatte mit Mikrokunststoffbauteilen im Reinraum

IDEAS competently implemented


The challenges of our customers are impulses for our common developments. As a branch institute of the plastics industry, we have many years of experience in project work and develop competitive, sustainable solutions. Exclusively for you or by bringing together several industrial and/or research partners, we are committed to your technological progress. With our application and market-oriented research on direct orders or with the support of public funding, we increase your ability to innovate.

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Engineering in der Kunststofftechnik - Konstruktionsarbeitsplatz

Along the value chain


We accompany you from the initial idea to the ready-to-implement concept. For competitive innovations in plastics technology, material, process and application must be ideally matched to each other. That is why our engineering services include material selection and modification, molded part development and mold design, virtual validation using all common simulation methods, process development including process automation, through to intelligent process control, digitization and the use of machine learning.

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Beratung in der Kunststoffverarbeitung vor einer Spritzgießmaschine

Solution-oriented assistance


An efficient and robust value stream is the key to competitiveness. We analyze your processes and advise you on all levels. From error analysis and process optimization to tailor-made quality assurance methods, we bring your processes into a robust process window. New and innovative digitization & data science tools help you to understand your processes and adapt them flexibly to changing challenges. Both serve - more relevant than ever - for resource and energy efficiency, which we make measurable and tangible for you with various forms of sustainability assessment.

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Ermittlung mechanischer Kennwerte von Kunststoffen an der Zugprüfmaschine

Plastics testing

We have more than 60 years of experience in testing plastics and plastic products. Since 1991, we have also the status of an accredited testing laboratory. Our range of services includes mechanical, thermal, rheological, electrical, optical and climatic testing as well as damage analysis. Thanks to the great competence of the KUZ, we can also offer you customized component and special tests - including design and manufacture of the test setups.

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