Individual and customized testing solutions

Component testing

Do you need a statement on the load capacity of your component? We offer you customized and individual testing solutions for your component!

Due to our interdisciplinary setup, we can offer you a holistic range of services on this subject:

  • Design and manufacture of special fixtures
  • Digitization of components for further CAD processing
  • Accomplishment of the requested tests
  • Documentation of the tests

In our accredited testing laboratory, we also have a wide range of analysis and testing methods at your disposal to characterize a wide variety of properties and detect complex material changes.

Furthermore, innovative optical measuring methods such as ATOS and Aramis sensors (GOM) are available for the detection of e.g. dimensional changes due to external influences. This allows target/actual comparisons to be illustrated via color-coded deviation displays (here: assessment of warpage).

Our portfolio of special audits includes:

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Practical example: Special test - pull-off test of a busbar support

For a conductor rail support - system 3rd rail - made of SMC material (fiber-plastic composite) from the company Powerlines Products GmbH, the KUZ designed and manufactured an individual fixture to hold the conductor rail support. With the aid of this special design, a pull-off test of the conductor rail support could be successfully carried out with regard to its mechanical load capacity of up to 20 kN.

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