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Minimal development times with consistently high product quality require the increased use of modern simulation methods in many areas of design. This applies in particular to the molded part and mold design of injection molded components. The use of modern digital development environments right from the start makes your development process sustainable and avoids unnecessary cost-intensive iteration loops. The ideal solution is to link process and structure simulation in order to make the molded part design as fit as possible for the defined application. We support you in this.

PLASTIC INJECTION MOLDING SIMULATION leads to a transparent process

The clever one is the one who simulates "correctly" right from the start. What does that mean? As early as the molded part development phase, process simulation is used to check the design for suitability to the plastic and technological feasibility. This is followed by optimization of the mold design in order to be prepared for robust series production. All of this is done in virtual space with minimum resource input and maximum benefit.

Get in touch with us! We can help you develop plastic products with manufacturing in mind. Whether it is the injection molding process of compact, chemically or physically foamed thermoplastics, gas injection, 2-component injection molding or PUR processing: The close interlocking of design and processing technology in combination with many years of practical experience are the guarantee for interpreting the simulation results in a target-oriented manner and drawing the right conclusions. Missing material data for injection molding processes are no problem. We generate these in the accredited test laboratory of the KUZ.

Our services in process simulation in detail

Risk minimization

Product and mold development
  • Analysis of the filling process with regard to filling dynamics, occurrence of weld lines and necessary venting focal points
  • Analysis of the holding pressure effect for shrinkage compensation
  • Shrinkage and warpage analysis
  • Stress analysis
  • Calculation of fiber orientation
  • Evaluation of the tempering efficiency

Variant comparison

Product and mold optimization
  • Optimization of the gating system
  • Ensuring optimum venting of the cavities
  • Optimization of molded part and mold design with regard to minimum raw material and energy consumption

Process optimization

Fault prevention
  • Assessment of the susceptibility to faults as well as possible risks during production
  • Planning of the sampling
  • Parameter optimization with regard to defined quality criteria
  • Parameter optimization with regard to cycle time and energy minimization

Pushing the limits with STRESS SIMULATION

The shaping of injection molded parts is subject to the rules of plastic and process design. The resulting design has a significant influence on function and material stress. During the concept phase and accompanying product development, simulations should be used to check whether the functions can be guaranteed and the mechanical loads transferred from the product. Deficiencies discovered here save later iteration loops, which mean considerable additional expense in terms of time and money.

A holistic view means that attention should also be paid to sufficient strength and rigidity of the mold during the design and layout of molding tools in order to meet the quality requirements of the final product.

The combination of the development process with the simulative verification of the respective development status is lived practice at our company.

Secure your product development by means of stress simulation.

We offer you the following services for this purpose:

  • Stiffness and strength analyses
  • Structural optimizations
  • Tool calculation and design
  • Service life evaluations
  • Material behavior
  • Thermal and thermomechanical analyses

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