Certified specialist for plastic injection molding

Due to the increasing shortage of skilled workers, companies are increasingly having to recruit employees from other areas or even specialist fields and qualify them for the tasks in their own company in the shortest possible time.

The modular seminar provides compact basic knowledge of the injection molding process combined with comprehensive training on the injection molding machines. Participants thus acquire the ability to work consciously on the machines.

With this in-service training in accordance with the qualification standard of the GKV/TecPart the graduates receive a qualification certificate that is classified below the vocational training as a process mechanic for plastics and rubber technology.

Further information on the agenda, travel, parking and an insight into the script can be found in our download box at the top right.

Seminar details:

Who and what?


Career changers – skilled industrial workers from other professions

Level: Einsteiger
Speakers: Employees of Kunststoff-Zentrum in Leipzig gGmbH
Degree: Zertifikat gemäß Qualifizierungsnorm des GKV/TecPart
Price: 7.600 € (exkl. MwSt.)

Please bring your own protective work shoes for the machine training in the technical center.

Seminar topics

  • Plastics science
  • Machine technology
  • Process flow
  • Calculation of technological parameters
  • Mold technology, -tempering
  • Peripheral technology
  • Injection molding defects
  • Optimization
  • Sampling
  • Special processes in injection molding
  • Machine training in groups of max. 5 persons
  • Document tasks
  • Testing

Duration: 160 teaching units incl. machine training (50% of the duration), 4 modules á 5 days - split over 3 months

Exam: in theory and practice - prerequisite is the attendance of all 4 modules and the completion of the document tasks

Exam fee: 270 €

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