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Micro Injection Molding

With molded part weights from 1 to 10,000 milligrams, we serve a wide range of different part requirements in micro injection molding. Our extensive experience in one and two component injection molding technology, vertical micro injection molding and with a wide variety of materials enables application-oriented solutions of the highest quality from feasibility studies to series production. In injection molding it is important to plasticize only the smallest amounts of plastic in order to avoid thermal stress on the plastic melt, and then to inject these into the cavity with the highest precision. At this point, the screw-piston principle used up to now reaches its limits. The reason for this is that the diameter of the screw piston cannot be optimally adapted to small shot weights for mechanical stress reasons.

The KUZ developed a machine technology specially adapted for micro injection molding based on the principle of 2 piston plastification. The consistent design of the injection unit for very small shot weights, in conjunction with a servo-electric injection drive, makes it possible to control the filling phase for micro parts and thus increase the precision of the molding. This machine and mold concept makes it possible to design very small gating systems, so that shot weights down to 10 mg are no problem. This is complemented by a master mold concept that minimizes costs and effort.

The following special processes are possible at the KUZ:

  • 2-component micro injection molding
  • Powder Injection Molding (PIM), mainly ceramics (CIM)
  • Liquid Injection Molding (LIM), silicone micro injection molding
  • Elastomer processing for micro molded parts
  • Micro injection molding
  • Production of hybrid micro-molded parts, insert technology

Our services for micro injection molding in detail


  • Feasibility analyses
  • design of the micro-molded part to suit the molded part
  • material-optimized design of the molded part
  • process and load simulation
  • mold design, construction and production
  • automation solutions for manufacturing


  • Molded part and molded part design
  • Technology consulting for your application
  • Mold design
  • Automation in the manufacturing process
  • Molded part testing


  • Tool sampling
  • Prototype production
  • Small batch production
  • Construction of prototype tools
  • Construction of series tools


  • Molding measurement - tactile, optical, CT
  • Testing strategy in series production
  • Determination of mechanical material properties

Our machine equipment at a glance

2 x Micro injection molding machine

formicaPLAST V2

KUZ Leipzig

2 x 2K micro injection molding machine

formicaPLAST 2K


Micro injection molding machine vertical

formicaPLAST V

KUZ Leipzig

Micro injection molding machine

MicroPower 15/10 UNILOG B8

Wittmann Battenfeld

Injection molding machine

IntElect2 50 370-65

Sumitomo (SHI) DEMAG

Injection molding machine

Allrounder 170 S 180-30


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