WEBINAR: AI-supported online color formulation in the injection molding process

The fourth webinar in our exciting event series"The Future of Plastic Production".

Seminar details:

Who and what?

  • Researchers and academics in the field of materials science & technology
  • Fabricators with individual and frequently changing color requirements
  • Suppliers of liquid color
Level: Einsteiger und Fortgeschrittene
Speakers: Stefan Lehmann - Research Assistant, Team Leader Measuring, Control and Regulation Technology

You will receive a dial-in link via Teams approx. 5 days before the start of the event. Participation is possible via the Teams app or the web browser. You can optionally switch on the camera and microphone.

The webinar will be recorded by us so that we can pass on the event to interested parties afterwards. Your faces/names will be hidden in accordance with the data protection regulations.

Seminar topics

  • Artificial intelligence in industrial applications
  • Coloring of plastics
  • Liquid color

After the free webinar, you will receive the handout as a PDF file. Find out more on the page Webinare

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