Combination injection molding reaction technology

With the technology platform for the process combination of thermoplastic and reaction injection molding, we bring together two of our technological core competencies to open up new potential for you. This process combination is based on the manufacturing principles of the classic multi-component injection molding process, whereby a reactive PUR or polyurea mixture is introduced into the mold cavity as the second component and bonds firmly with the freshly molded thermoplastic carrier during crosslinking.

Visible and functional surfaces of three-dimensionally molded thermoplastic components can thus be efficiently finished with high-quality coatings. The thermoplastic components thus benefit from the noble high-gloss appearance with a good depth effect and from the insensitive surface properties of the crosslinked systems, right through to self-healing in the event of minor damage. As a result of the versatility of the PUR or polyurea systems used for this purpose, hardly any wishes remain unfulfilled.

Our services for injection molding reaction process technology in detail


  • Investigations into haptic and/or scratch-resistant PUR or polyurea coatings on thermoplastics
  • Application-specific tests on various material combinations of thermoplastic-PUR or thermoplastic-polyurea
  • Initial sampling of molds, including production of pilot and small series



  • Test engineering evaluation of the finished parts or test specimens in the accredited test laboratory.
  • Adhesion test with adhesion peel test PosiTest® AT-A (DeFelsko) to investigate the bond adhesion between thermoplastic and coating

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