Ideas put into plastics

Molding development

You have the idea? We convert it into a design suitable for plastics or support you in doing so. Synergies between our designers and our engineers from processing technology and material development are utilized. Thus, interdisciplinary know-how flows into the development of application-ready, high-quality plastic products, which we develop together with you. For this purpose, we have modern CAD and simulation software at our disposal in order to already combine the molding requirements with the process-related requirements in a virtual development environment. This approach guarantees you efficient and sustainable molded part development and reduces the risk of costly corrections downstream.

Take advantage of our comprehensive know-how in design suitable for plastics

We offer the following services for this purpose:

  • Material selection and material research
  • Feasibility analyses and variant design
  • Plastic- and process-compatible design
  • Molded part tolerancing suitable for plastics according to DIN 16742 / ISO 20457
  • Load simulation
  • Manufacturing concept, process and procedure selection
  • Welding design of series parts

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