Overcoming material bottlenecks - finding intelligent substitutes

Who in the plastics industry is not familiar with the situation: The materials required for the manufacture of products are rapidly becoming more expensive, and in some cases the materials required are no longer available. In such a case, substitute materials have to be produced very quickly and qualified for the applications to be manufactured. The KUZ helps you with the material selection and the changeover.


Our services for you at a glance:

  • Selection of suitable substitute materials for your application
  • Characterization of your substitute materials (including possible use of recyclate) and concrete information on their processability
  • Assistance in adapting your manufacturing processes to substitute materials and in avoiding defects
  • Characterization of your components after material changeover with regard to molded part properties and dimensional accuracy

In addition, we help you to become more efficient and to save material and energy:

  • Analysis of your processes and optimization of resource efficiency
  • Reduction of the energy consumption of your processes by optimizing the manufacturing processes
  • Overall consideration of the manufacturing process and product use with the help of LCA analyses and proposal of concrete improvement measures




Carsten Holland
+49 341 4941-600

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