KUZ wins the Family Friendliness Award of the City of Leipzig 2021

On June 18, 2021, the KUZ, represented by its managing director Dr. Thomas Wolff, was honored to receive the Family Friendliness Award of the City of Leipzig 2021 in the category "Special Award for an IHK Company". An independent jury selected the 6 award winners in different categories from over 100 submissions.

The prize was presented by Mayor Burkhard Jung and school mayor Vicki Felthaus. Nancy Schneider as a member of the jury and representative of the IHK congratulated and presented the KUZ with prize money in the amount of 1000€. This prize recognizes the "family time" within the framework of the Demography Fund, which allows parents with children under 8 years of age to reduce their weekly working hours with full wage compensation. In addition, the jury praised the special flexibility of working time arrangements even during the difficult months of the pandemic. These achievements stand out positively in the context of the possibilities of small and medium-sized companies.

We are very pleased with this award and see it as an incentive to continue improving the work-life balance for our colleagues.

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