KUZ is committed to science education for the youngest children

On the initiative of the Chemistry Teacher Training Center of the University of Leipzig, the KUZ supported the further training of elementary school teachers on September 16, 2020. For many years, there has been a cooperation in the further training of chemistry teachers, so far mostly of the high school level. This year, 18 elementary school teachers from Saxony gathered to gain insight into the world of plastics, plastics processing and also the current discussion on plastics and sustainability.

In very practical explanations and demonstrations, the teachers were able to immerse themselves in a production atmosphere, and for many it was a "real-life" experience. The event was also supported by PlasticsEurope Deutschland e.V. with "Kuno's cool plastic box". Tanja Rühl presented the material from PlasticsEurope's primary school program, which had been prepared in a way that was suitable for children, and at the end also took away the desire to include sustainability topics.

In the afternoon, under the guidance of Dr. Fabian Hühn from the University of Leipzig, the 5 experiments from the "cool plastic box" were carried out practically in small groups. All teachers were enthusiastic and gratefully received the suggestions to support their science lessons.

The KUZ thanks all participants for their open-mindedness and interest.

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