Junior Engineer Academy – Research as a favorite subject

STEM-enthusiastic young people from Leipzig schools are on a discovery tour at the KUZ as part of the Junior Engineer Academy.

The Junior Engineer Academy (JIA for short) is an educational program of the Deutsche Telekom Foundation that aims to get students excited about technical and scientific career fields. Close cooperation between schools, universities and companies gives young people an insight into the working world of engineers as well as researchers.

As part of the JIA, Leipzig students in grades 9 and 10 have the opportunity to discover and develop their individual talents in the fields of engineering, electrical engineering and mechanical engineering. In addition to regular lessons at school, scientific staff at the KUZ impart theoretical and practical knowledge through workshops and internships.

The topics they deal with include introduction to the world of plastics and the testing laboratory, the injection molding process, various joining techniques such as ultrasonic, infrared and hot plate welding, and recycling and sustainability.

KUZ is pleased to be part of the program and to inspire young researchers to pursue science. Through the JIA, students are given the opportunity to explore their interests and skills in STEM subjects at an early age and be prepared for their future vocational training or higher education.

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