Award winner in the Sustainability 2022 project

With its RecyclingDay project for schools, the Kunststoff-Zentrum in Leipzig (KUZ) was able to convince the jury of the Sustainability Project, the "Competition for Shaping the Future with Passion", for the N category.

Entitled "What's in the yogurt pot besides yogurt?", the initiative provides elementary school students with a basic understanding of the processes and interrelationships involved in the recycling of plastic products. In this way, the youngest members of society are already being sensitized to the responsible use of plastics as a valuable material as an important contribution to a functioning circular economy.

The focus is on waste separation and the reuse of recyclable materials - in a child-friendly way and designed as a hands-on project. The plastic waste previously collected and cleaned by the children is sifted, processed and turned into new useful objects. This is done independently with the help of hand-operated equipment at three interactive stations:

  •     1st station: variety of plastics & plastic identification
  •     2nd station: preparation & treatment of plastic waste for recycling
  •     3rd station: plastic recycling & production of a new molded part

Future plans include equipment rental and teacher training so that many elementary schools can experience the RecyclingDay.

More info about the RecyclingDay

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