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The employees of BSH Hausgeräte GmbH are very familiar with the further training spectrum of the KUZ. Recently, Mr. Schulz and two other colleagues attended our seminar "Tool sampling: systematic and efficient" at the KUZ Leipzig.

Besides the high flexibility due to the local proximity, Mr. Schulz praises the application proximity of the KUZ seminars.

At the KUZ, we always find customized offers for individual training packages or the right courses from the wide range of seminars - everything always with a high practical relevance - that is important to us.

The seminars help BSH employees in a wide variety of tasks to understand the background of plastics processing. "When you design, construct or even simulate components, you inevitably have to know the influences and constraints from mold technology and manufacturing - we also want to know in detail which settings have to be made on the machine to produce the perfect component."

Every visit to the KUZ immediately leads to new ideas. Let's see for which joint projects the foundation stone was laid again today.

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