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Microplastics Technology

The miniaturization of many molded parts and assemblies is progressing unceasingly. The demands on the production processes for micro-molded plastic parts are increasing at the same rate, because small dimensions mean maximum precision and also special handling of the small quantities of material in the process. In microplastics technology, the focus is on mastering the preparation of the smallest material quantities, reducing the dwell times under temperature load for sensitive materials, keeping the process parameters in multi-cavities constant, resource efficiency and cost savings in the processing of high-performance plastics, and adequate handling of the smallest components in downstream processes.

Our Application Center for Microplastic Technologies (MiKA) covers the complete process chain for the production of microapplications. First and foremost, we see ourselves as your partner for all industries in which microplastic technology solutions are required - from feasibility studies in micro injection molding and micro structuring to series production. Extensive and modern equipment as well as our highly qualified team of specialists are at your disposal for the processing of your requirements.

verschiedene Mikroformteile des KUZ

Precision with every milligram

Micro injection molding

With molded part weights from 1 to 10,000 milligrams, we serve a wide range of different part requirements in micro injection molding. Our extensive experience in 1K and 2K technology, vertical micro injection molding and with a wide variety of materials enables application-oriented solutions of the highest quality from the feasibility study to series production.

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Darstellung der Formteilspannungen einer optischen Linse unter polarisiertem Licht - Verbesserung der Eigenschaften durch Spritzprägen - KUZ

Perfect optical properties transferred to micro applications

Micro injection-compression molding

Insbesondere optische Funktionen unterliegen einer immer stärkeren Miniaturisierung. Ein bekanntes Beispiel aus unserem Alltag ist die integrierte Kamera eines jeden modernen Smartphones. Diese Miniaturisierung wird erst durch hochpräzise kleinste Mikrooptiken aus Kunststoff ermöglicht. Für Mikrooptiken hoher Abbildungsgüte, wie z.B. für anspruchsvolle Applikationen in der Mess- und Medizintechnik, sind Bauteilspannungen häufig schwer zu beherrschen. Innere Spannungen und Molekülorientierungen in spritzgegossenen Kunststoffoptiken verursachen Doppelbrechungseffekte, die zu unerwünschten Polarisations- und damit Transmissionseffekten führen. Hier kann das Mikrospritzprägen qualitative Verbesserungen erreichen.

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mikrofluidische Bio-Chips (Lab-on-a-Chip) gefertigt im Spritzguss - KUZ

fine details in injection molding


Challenging in the production of plastic molded parts by injection molding is the precise mapping of fine structures and contour details, as they occur for example in microfluidic lab-on-a-chip systems. Take advantage of KUZ's expertise in molding small contour details in plastic. We support you in adapting your microfluidic design to the requirements of injection molding and in mold design.

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Mikroextruder für kleine Austragsmengen mit extrudierten Lumen Schlauch - KUZ

Compact extruders for microtechnology and much more


The principle of disc plastification in miniaturized form is applied in microextrusion. It guarantees the necessary conveying capacity with very good melt quality for continuous and discontinuous extrusion for small throughputs. At the Kunststoff-Zentrum in Leipzig (KUZ), a plasticizing concept with squat plasticizing elements and very small L/D ratios was developed and implemented in an exceptionally compact extruder. This technology can currently be used as a small-volume extruder for microprofile extrusion and for multicomponent extrusion or as a high-performance 3D printing head.

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Mikroprüfkörper zum Test von kleinen Kunststoffchargen - KUZ

Test specimen made of smallest amounts of material

Micro test specimen

Are you in the development phase of a new material and want to test it quickly and efficiently? Injection molded micro test specimens can be used to test plastics under very precise process specifications. The "formicaPlast" micro injection molding machine developed at the Plastics Center in Leipzig (KUZ) allows the processing of the smallest shot weights, even for materials that are sensitive to dwell time. In addition to the production of test specimens, all necessary testing methods are available at the KUZ for your investigations.

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Microplastics Technology