Improvement of composite adhesion

Inline plasma modification in the 2K reaction injection molding process

The research project is experimentally investigating how freshly molded polycarbonate parts can be surface-treated in the injection mold by means of atmospheric pressure plasma and qualified to become thermoplastic supporting elements for the process "direct coating in the mold", with VOC-free PUR or PUA coatings.

The chemically reactive groups generated by atmospheric pressure plasma treatment are to be detected by selective color reactions and - for the first time on an area basis - allow statements to be made on the type, occupancy density and homogeneity of the surface activation. By varying the plasma treatment parameters, the adhesion-optimized adaptation of the surface activation to the differing requirements of solvent-free PUR or PUA clearcoats is to be achieved.

Duration: 08/2020 - 06/2022


Dr. Axel Böhme
+49 341 4941-609

Funded by: Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy
FKZ: 49MF200040