T-Foam+Function - EMC Light

Integrated EMC-functionality for lightweight housings

Intelligent hybrid structures for topology- and requirement-oriented shielding of foamed plastic housings.

Good electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) of devices is characterized by the fact that a sufficient shielding effect prevents other devices from being disturbed by unwanted electrical or electromagnetic effects. This also applies to the shielded device itself, i.e. there should be no mutual interference between the devices.

In a joint project, the KUZ has implemented electromagnetically shielding films directly in the injection molding process. Various concepts for an EMC-compatible housing prototype were developed. This resulted in material- and process-compatible solution concepts for PP and PA6 for realizing the shielding effect in a housing structure. The processability of hybrid material systems and their combinations was intensively investigated in feasibility studies with regard to their geometric and technological limits.

The focus was on the combination of thermoplastics with flexible, stretchable multi-layer film systems. The lightweight potential of these housing variants was also increased by the use of chemical blowing agents. In addition to a weight reduction of at least 50% compared with metal housings, chemical foaming also reduced the density by 10 to 15% compared with compact injection molding.

This novel approach represents an efficient alternative to traditional solutions in which housings are made of metal or injection-molded components are metallically coated downstream. By using attractively priced multi-layer film systems and implementing EMC functionality directly in the injection molding process without post-processing, a worthwhile cost reduction and time saving is achieved.

Duration: 10/2019 - 09/2021


Kathrin Klamt
+49 341 4941-606

Funded by: Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (AiF)
FKZ: 16KN077438