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PMMA is an attractive plastic for transparent applications. Scratch-free, plane-parallel test specimens are required to analyze the optical properties depending on the batch and to be used for incoming goods inspection.


Röhm GmbH makes cyclical use of the services offered by KUZ Leipzig to investigate the processability of various PMMA development grades in comparison with standard materials. The production of injection-molded sheets, which must meet the highest requirements with regard to optical applications, is always carried out in combination with the measurement of residual moisture and the determination of the melt volume flow rate (MVR) and melt mass flow rate (MFR) as a measure of flowability.

Services provided by KUZ for the customer

  • Production of test plates in the format 100x100x3 mm³
  • Production of defined test specimens by mechanical processing
  • Determination of the water content after pre-drying using Aquatrac technology and optionally using Karl Fischer titration
  • Determination of the MFR / MVR  in accordance with DIN EN ISO 1133-1:2012-03


Kathrin Klamt
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