Processing methods for bio-based PBS materials

Within the framework of the "RUBIO" alliance, the entire process chain for raw material extraction and preparation, synthesis, material modification, processing and recycling of bio-based polybutylene succinate (PBS) is being established and researched. The service properties of PBS are comparable to those of polyolefins, which means that this biodegradable material should be used primarily for short-lived products in the packaging industry and meet current challenges for the development of sustainable materials.

Research and implementation of a training concept for biopolymer processing

Within the framework of the alliance, the KUZ is developing a further training concept in which all steps within the entire process chain are taught. One focus, however, is on the processing methods of PBS. Essential here is the integration of current training trends (e.g. micro learning, gamification, blended learning, mobile learning) and the use of digital tools for faster, better and more comprehensible communication of training content.

The goal in the medium and long term is to make it easier and faster to recruit and qualify skilled workers for processing PBS in the Central German chemical region. By expanding further training measures, small and medium-sized enterprises will be supported in developing these new and important areas in the near future and in shaping the upcoming structural change.

Duration: 09/2021 - 08/2024


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