Professional color measurement in the industry

Learn more about the basics and limitations of color detection as well as the goals and benefits of color measurement. We will explain suitable color measurement techniques and introduce you to the colorimetric evaluation of products.

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Seminar details:

Who and what?


Employees in the areas of management, plant management, technical management, quality assurance, testing laboratory, production and preparation

Level: Fortgeschrittene
Speakers: Employees of Kunststoff-Zentrum in Leipzig gGmbH and KONICA MINOLTA Sensing Europe B.V.
Degree: Teilnahmebescheinigung
Price: 950 € (exkl. MwSt.)

Seminar topics

  • Visual color assessment - colorimetric detection
  • Test standards
  • Colorimetry and equipment requirements
  • Measurement of surface gloss
  • Workshop: Color and gloss measurement

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