Plastics meets medical technology symposium

On July 6 and 7, 2022, theKunststoff-Zentrum in Leipzig gGmbH (KUZ) invited participants to the third conference "Plastics meets medical technology" in cooperation with the Biotechnological-Biomedical Center of the University of Leipzig (BBZ) and the Cluster Biotechnology and Medical Technology (biosaxony e.V.). Due to the pandemic, dates had to be postponed, which made the approximately 90 participants all the more pleased to finally be able to exchange ideas in the presence of others. The two-day event offered exciting lectures, a trade exhibition organized by 20 companies, and workshops and excursions, which are already firmly established as a way of looking beyond one's own nose.

Lectures with a plastics processing perspective

The lecture section started with a brief review of the importance of plastics in the pandemic and was then introduced with the status on the introduction of the VDI Guideline 2017, followed by examples of process engineering solutions such as laser marking, injection molding machine requirements and 3D printing. The approach to product development in medical technology was also addressed. Systematic procedures to ensure quality and increasing digitalization were also topics, as were considerations of sustainability and the circular economy in this area. The complex of plastic types was also included in the form of a presentation of special silicones for medical applications. The lecture section was rounded off by solutions for surface activation, special testing methods and the presentation of welding technologies. In short, the entire value chain for medical technology products was covered.

Workshop and practical excursions

As a varied addition, an exciting workshop on "The future of medicine - what lies ahead - dream or nightmare" was held by Prof. Dr. med. habil. Gerd Birkenmeier, which triggered a number of "aha" effects among the audience.

The excursion to the KUZ then went into practice - the summery walk there was a welcome change. There, process engineering solutions were demonstrated at MiKA, the application center for microplastic technologies, and there was a lively exchange with the experts on site. The next practical station focused on sustainability assessment. In an overview, the approach was vividly presented using a plastic component. Likewise, plastics technology developments of the KUZ in the field of lightweight construction and EMC were shown.

Exchange of experience and networking

At the evening event, Dr. med. Thilo Noack from the Heart Center Leipzig first introduced the guests to the state of development and the future of cardiac medicine. Afterwards, the participants made active use of the opportunity to exchange experiences in a relaxed atmosphere.

The KUZ would like to thank all speakers, exhibitors and participants as well as the partners for their participation and is looking forward to another event in the series "Plastics meets ..." in 2023 - this time focusing on electronics.

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