In focus: sustainability in plastics processing

The symposium "In Focus: Sustainability", on November 7/8, 2023, is dedicated to the potential of efficient technologies and processes for sustainable plastics processing. From the material to the finished product, potential savings will be highlighted, which can and should be used in an ecologically and economically profitable way. The organizer is the Kunststoff-Zentrum in Leipzig (KUZ).

In the future, plastics processing will face the challenge of ensuring sustainability. In view of global environmental problems and increasing awareness of climate change, companies and manufacturers alike are looking for ways to implement sustainable approaches.

Through sustainable measures, the plastics industry can make a significant contribution to reducing itscarbon footprint and conserving resources. In addition to using bio-based plastics, recycling and reusing plastics are also important approaches. The development of innovative technologies and processes that enable efficient plastics processing and reduce energy consumption is the key to a sustainable future for plastics processing.

Practical and industry-specific: innovation potential through best-practice solutions

Visitors to the two-day trade event can expect a program of presentations on the topics of energy efficiency,CO2 footprint reduction, environmentally oriented lightweight construction, process simulation and structural mechanics, as well as impulses on potential savings in tempering and drying. High-performance hybrid components made of natural fiber composites and the question of whether sustainability should take precedence over profit maximization will be explained by various speakers in a practical and industry-specific manner and discussed with the participants.

Tailored to the complexity of the topic of sustainability, the conference offers a platform for professional exchange. The diversity of the expert contributions enables visitors to take a multifaceted view of the topic. The technical program is complemented by an insight into the KUZ-Technika. The evening event rounds off the conference and offers space for networking and valuable discussions of the impulses gathered throughout the day.

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