PU Processing

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Our Key Subjects

Polyurethane Processing

There is a wide variety of existing applications for polyurethanes. In addition to the traditional (conventional) polyurethane processing technologies, the KUZ is engaged in developing of innovative technological solutions and improvements. From material point of view, questions of material modification of PU are in the focus.

R&D- activities (selected):
  1. Experimental explorations for the development of design guidelines for moulds allowing the production of premium hybrid mouldings consisting of thermoplastics with decor coating for applications to consumer goods and automotive
    contact: Jens Müller

  1. Development of UV and scratch-resistant systems possessing metallic effect based on aliphatic polyurea applied for coating of thermoplastic parts via IMC
    Jens Müller

  1. Demoulding process without release agents
    contact: Dr. Axel Böhme

  1. Procedural investigations to develop composite parts with integrated light effects
    contact: Dr. Axel Böhme

  1. Technology and procedure of manufacturing and application of anti-stick coatings to foaming tools
    Jens Müller

  1. Experimental investigations of the correlation between processing parameters and compound adhesion of thermoplastics with reactive polyurethanes by using multi-component technology
    contact: Dr. Axel Böhme

  1. Development of functional PU-board materials and sustainable manufacturing of plates with flexible formats
    Dr. Axel Böhme