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In microtechnology, extruders are required for both continuous and discontinuous operation, which provide small melt volumes in an optimally homogenized thermal and material state and at the same time allow short residence times. The principle of disc plastification in miniaturized form is particularly suitable for this purpose. It guarantees the necessary feed rate with very good melt quality for continuous and discontinuous extrusion and for small throughputs.

The state of the art shows that the ideal plasticizing principle is missing for the range of plasticizing flow rates from 50 to 200 mg/s. In the KUZ, a plasticizing concept with squat plasticizing elements and thus a very small L/D ratio was further developed, which allows the construction of exceptionally compact extruders.

This dwell time-optimized and largely conveying-stiff compact extruder can serve as the heart or supplement of various plastics processing machines in microtechnology, e.g. as a small-volume extruder for microprofile and multicomponent extrusion or also as a high-performance 3D printing head. Another proven application possibility is the use as a pre-plasticizing unit in micro injection molding.

Our microextrusionservices in detail

  • Sample production of strangextruded semi-finished products
  • Tool design and construction
  • Construction of micro extruders according to customer requirements

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