OPTIMISE processes

Small Steps with GREAT Effect

It is not easy to keep track of interactions of different technical conditions and physical laws.

With a trained eye and with appropriate measurement systems, we examine your processes in injection moulding, plastic welding and polyurethane processing step by step, to detect optimisation potentials in terms of quality, efficiency and sustainability and to avoid unnecessary costs.

Do not be satisfied with your stable processes!

Be ahead of your competitors and open your scope, allowing new acquisitions and training of your employees.

  1. Evaluation of Process

    If there is any optimisation potential regarding your technologies, moulds, machine technique and peripheral technology, the choice of material and batch variations - we will find it out for you.

  2. Adaption of Technologies

    An intelligent use of your resources enables you achieving a sustainable, energy efficient production with optimized quality and cycle time. Count on our support for taking the right decision and effective action.

  3. Troubleshooting

    You want to detect and solve problems as prompt as possible? Based on long-year experience in the failure and damage analysis, we are pleased in offering our help.  Furthermore, by applying our “DIAGBES” software for error detection and elimination strategies, we are proposing a powerful tool for ensuring consistent quality of your processes. 

  4. Mould Sampling

    You want to reduce your range of plastic materials, test a new mould regarding process suitability and evaluate t ongoing processes? We remove these items from your to-do list and take on systematic filling studies, sealing point determinations, weldability studies etc. By using our devices, we are able to monitor your process parameters (e.g. cavity pressure, temperatures, traverse path and movement speeds) and carry out thermographic investigations as well.