Micro Technology

MICRO TECHNOLOGY - small but powerful!

For many applications there is an ongoing demand to miniaturize injection moulded parts. The demands on the processes for micro injection moulding increase in the same extent, because the manufacturing of small dimensioned parts requires the highest precision. In our application centre for micro-plastic technologies (MiKA), we are able to assist you with our competence in meeting your requirements.

Our self-conception is to act as a partner for all branches, where micro plastic solutions are required starting with from feasibility studies up to serial production. A wide range of state-of-the-art equipment and our experienced experts will be available to meet your requirements.

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  1. Micro-injection Moulded Parts – Demanding Technology

    • With a shot weights ranging from 1 up to 10,000 milligrams, we meet a wide range of different requirements in micro-injection moulding. Our long-time experience in single and two-component technology, vertical micro-injection moulding and processing of different materials allows high-quality solutions.
    • 2-component injection moulding
    • powder injection moulding (Powder-, Metal-, Ceramic-Injection Molding - PIM, MIM, CIM)
    • injection moulding of liquid silicones - (Liquid Injection Molding - LIM)
    • clean room manufacturing according to class 7 (ISO 14644)
    • process compatible design of moulded parts
    • mould conception and design
  2. Micro-injection compression moulding - low pressure but great Effect

    • Injection compression moulding technology known from conventional injection moulding processes are also feasible in smaller scale and can also be applied to micro mouldings. The process provides an accurate reproduction of surface details and an excellent surface quality, high accuracy and a significant reduction of orientations and internal stresses as well.
    • process compatible design of moulded parts
    • mould conception and design
    • selection of the suitable compression technology
    • adaptation of technology

  3. Micro Extrusion - Meters of Micro Diameters

    • The principle of disc plastification in miniaturized form is applied to micro extrusion. It guarantees the necessary capacity with simultaneous good melt quality for continuous and discontinuous extrusion of small throughputs.
    • sample manufacturing of extruded semi-finished products
    • mould conception and design
  4. Moulding of Micro Structures - Filigree Contours

    • hot embossing of micro structures
    • injection moulding of micro structured moulded parts (lab-on-a-chip)
    • clean room manufacturing according to class 7 (ISO 14644)
    • design of moulded parts and moulds 
    • pilot and small series