Injection Moulding

INJECTION MOULDING - Moulding Plastics

Successful injection moulding requires technical skills, long-time experience and state-of-the-art equipment.

Based on a substantial and practical knowledge, we examine the potential of every step of your injection moulding process. The devil is often in the details.

Additionally to the evaluation of materials, moulds, machinery and peripheral equipment used in your processes, we implement the necessary developments and adjustments. Through combination of these factors and processing technologies, we assist you for launching a successful product.

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  1. Customised Development of Materials

    • Material development and compounding
    • Investigation of material behaviour and determination of material properties
    • Investigation of processing behaviour of new materials 

  2. Conception for Moulded Parts and Moulds

    • Development of plastic-compatible moulded parts
    • Layout and optimization of gating and tempering systems
    • FEM-based simulation of mechanical strength of parts, simulation of mould filling and tempering
    • Manufacturing of moulds

  3. Efficient Manufacturing

    • Trails of moulds – stress performance test starting under dry running conditions up to first running of parts
    • Pilot and small series – closely supervised
    • Calibration to minimize the risk of machine breakdowns
    • Manufacturing of moulded parts and test specimens Prüf- und Probekörperkatalog-KUZ
  4. Intelligent Combination of Processes and Special Procedures

    • Injection moulding of thermoplastics and reactive components for surface improvement and finishing 
    • Sandwich injection moulding for lightweight design
    • Insert technology for functional integration
    • 2-component injection moulding for functional integration
    • Micro injection moulding for micro plastic technologies