failure analysis

FAILURE ANALYSIS - objective and interdisciplinary

Failure analyses serves to identify the causes of damage and the damage mechanisms. They contribute to failure prevention and product quality improvement. With long-time of experience in the field of plastic parts failure analysis, we are pleased to support you in this effort.

During the process of failure analysis we pursue a systematic approach in accordance with the VDI guideline 3822. The close collaboration of practical experienced experts from the fields of design, processing, testing/characterization and material science is our key to success. Advanced processing equipment is available for experimental studies to obtain information on how the damage occurred. With our assistance, you can optimise material, manufacturing and component properties for your technical product seen from a cost perspective.

In addition to established tests performed in our Accredited Testing Laboratory, for failure analysis the following testing methods are available:

  1. Microscopy

    • Digital Microscope VHX 500 FD
    • Light Microscope DM 6000M
    • Atomic Force Microscope Solver Pro
    • Scanning-Electron Microscope EM JSM 6510 with EDX-probe
  2. FTIR-Spectroscopy

    FTIR-Spectrometer Nicolet iS 10

    1. with Diamond-ATR and Germanium-ATR
    2. with TGA-Coupling
  3. Thermal Analysis

    • Thermogravimetric  Analysis TGA/SDTA 851e
    • Dynamic Scanning Calorimetry DSC 1
    • Thermomechanical Analysis TMA/SDTA 1
    • Dynamic-mechanical  Analysis DMA 8000
  4. Rheology / Viskosimetry

    • Melt-, Rotation-, Oscillation-Rheometer MCR 502
    • Viscosity Test System PVS 1