Injection molding for mold designers

The design of the mold has a significant influence on the quality of the plastic molded parts. However, mold designers should also have the appropriate understanding of the correct process parameter settings and material selection. This seminar will provide you with an overview of the material and process-related interrelationships in injection molding. We will provide you with compact and application-ready knowledge.

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Seminar details:

Who and what?


Employees of the mold design and project management departments

Level: Beginner
Speakers: Employees of the Kunststoff-Zentrum in Leipzig gGmbH
Degree: Certificate of attendance
Price: 790 € (exkl. MwSt.)

Seminar topics

  • Structure and properties of plastics at a glance
  • The technological window in injection molding
  • Presentation of defects on injection molded parts with different causes and their avoidance


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