Safe handling of diisocyanates

REACH training

As a cooperation partner of the FSC, the KUZ supports companies with certified specialist trainers in the training and certification of their employees.


To ensure that workers across the EU can continue to handle diisocyanates safely, new training requirements are becoming mandatory under the European REACH regulation. From August 24, 2023, under the current restriction on diisocyanates, appropriate training must be provided prior to industrial or commercial use.

The EU Commission's training requirement applies directly to the handling of diisocyanates in concentrations greater than 0.1% by weight in all EU member states. The 0.1% limit may not be exceeded either by individual diisocyanate mixtures or by combinations of different diisocyanate substances in the product. (see factsheet)

KUZ is cooperation partner of the FSK

Since the beginning of the REACH process for diisocyanates, the Fachverband für Schaumkunststoff (FSK) has been involved in the creation and implementation of the training content and the corresponding training platform. The restriction in the handling of diisocyanates requires, beyond the training, a corresponding proof that the training has been successfully completed. In the interest of a safe industry, the FSC initially conducts training courses for Germany, Switzerland and Austria and issues certificates of attendance after proof of knowledge has been provided.

The training system of the FSC is adapted to the European requirements of the EU regulation and takes place in face-to-face trainings or e-learning units, depending on the desired intensity. The training courses are divided into three levels, which build on each other and are geared to the intensity of the individual user's handling of diisocyanates and the applications. They thus provide the basis for safe handling of diisocyanates.

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The registration takes place via Website of the FSC. If you are interested in a training by the KUZ, please write at the booking under "Desired location for training"Leipzig in the input field. For advice in advance, you are welcome to contact us.


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