In focus: Sustainability - from material to finished product

In Focus: Sustainability - from material to finished product

The conference series "In Focus" is dedicated to changing topics with regard to potentials, applications and limits of specific technologies and materials. Material and machine manufacturers and users give practical presentations on topics ranging from development to process engineering implementation. The exciting series of lectures is supplemented by workshops in the KUZ pilot plants.

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We provide the entire conference documentation via our digital platform Moodledigital platform. Look forward to your digital conference folder, business cards and presentations, which you can annotate and download! Please bring a digital device (laptop or tablet) or simply your smartphone! Wifi will be provided, of course.

You will receive all further information and access after your registration.

If you would like to have your conference folder in printed form incl. the presentations on a USB stick (plus 35 € to the conference ticket), please indicate this in the message field during your registration.

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Title: In focus: Sustainability - from material to finished product
Date: 07.11. - 08.11.2023
Conference number: IF-T
Price: 890 € (exkl. MwSt.)

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