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Customized - Concepts

As versatile the plastics are itself, as versatile their applications. To transform ideas systematically and efficiently into products, interdisciplinary expertise is needed. The synergies between our designers, engineers and experts of compound development and your cooperation as well enable us with to produce high-quality and applicable solutions.

Give your products the potential to stand out against diversity.

  1. Development of Moulded Parts

    • Feasibility studies
    • Design tailored to plastics
    • Set of plastic-compatible tolerances for moulded parts according to DIN 16742
    • Simulation of load
    • Manufacturing concept, process and technology selection
    • Design tailored to welding for serial parts
  2. Selection and Development of Materials

    • Preselection of materials
    • Development of materials and compound manufacturing
    • Studies of processing behaviour for new materials
  3. Mould Conception and Design

    • FEM-based simulation of mechanical strength of parts, simulation of mould filling and tempering
    • Test Moulds
    • Mould manufacturing
  4. Trials

    • examination of functionality
    • examination of material
    • process capability
    • sample manufacturing
  5. Manufacturing of Moulded Parts and Components

    • Pilot run
    • Manufacturing of small series
    • welding of small series
  6. Process and Product Control

    • Avoiding failures in production by using the DIAGBES software for diagnostic and elimination of failures in moulded parts
    • Rheology of injection moulding – practical quality assurance of moulding compounds
    • Thermo-analytical images – evaluation of an efficient temperature controlling
    • Calibration of injection moulding machines - ensuring of stable running processes